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Add the gift of COLOR under your tree!

Christmas time is my favorite time of year. I remember I was so excited for Ari's first Christmas and she wasn't even one years old yet. We bought a ton of toys that to this day I ask myself what in the world.

Now in no way am I judging parents I am just saying year after year I have found myself buying tons of noise making toys that just annoy me in the end not only that give me a headache lol.

Ari has grown over the years and her want for noise making toys is starting to die down. Lucky for me my little princess likes color and thinks she is Picasso. I am a mom who is happy to help her with this as long as it is not on my walls!

Our friends at Crayola have some exciting products that are perfect holiday gift ideas and stocking stuffers. They sent us over some items and let's just say Ari is loving them. Since she is out of school still I need ways to keep her occupied but growing and these are amazing tools.

Let's check them out!

Easy Clean Fingerpaint!

The easy clean finger-paint is perfect for kids ages 1 and up! I must say the name is exactly what the product is.. EASY AND CLEAN! It comes with three colors of paint, paper, and the hard easy close case. Once you squirt the paint inside on paper you close it and your child can create their masterpiece.

Once your child is done, you remove the paper to let their masterpiece dry and just rinse the case with hot water. EASY! I will say painting has always been dreaded but this is probably my new favorite item in our house.

You can also close the case again if there is paint left to let them create another piece of art.

Washable Paint Stampers

Now even though I had my favorite Ari had her own. It was definitely the Washable Paint Stampers. This came with paper, stencils, plus the paint and about a dozen different stampers. It was super easy for her and she loved the different pictures.

We created a butterfly, ice cream cone, and she even made her own design. This set is perfect for kinders and above to show their creativity. This did require a bit more mommy management but that was ok because check out this smile!

Colors of the World

The Colors of the World Crayons make for a great stocking stuffer for the holidays. I remember hearing about these when they came out and I could not find them at my local store. These crayons not only have great colors but serve as a reminder of just how diverse our world really is.

I had a great time explaining to Ari why these were not normal crayons. We were able to use some of the stencils from the Washable Paint Stamper kit to allow her to create her masterpieces. Not to mention the colors are gorgeous we both found a shade that represented us as well.

Christmas is the time of giving. Whether you are shopping for your own little one or others in your family the options are endless. Be sure to check out Crayola for your littles this holiday. You can purchase at their site where they have some great deals such as BOGO and free shipping or your local retailer.

I hope to see some color under your trees this holiday season.


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