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Crayola Experience Orlando: A World of Color

Growing up we all had our share of crayons and coloring utensils. Crayola is a household name that many have grown to love. Living in Orlando offers so many things besides the big three theme parks. Located at the Florida mall you will find a 70,000 square foot colorful building called the Crayola Experience.

Crayola Experience is located in four other states MN, TX, PA. and AZ. The Orlando location is located at one the biggest malls in Orlando. This attraction is perfect for kids of all ages. We were excited to use our annual passes and take a trip to see what things were like since the facility re-opened after Covid.

Being passholders we have been to this location before. It makes for the perfect rainy day spot or just to enjoy some air conditioned fun. This visit proved to be very enjoyable since there was a small crowds. Not to mention they are holding their Hauntoween event for my Halloween obsessed kiddo.

So let's dive-in...

Safety Precautions:

Upon arrival you have your temperatures checked and face masks must be worn during your visit. They have enacted a clear bag policy to help with bag checks. If you need they will provide you one but I was prepared by not carrying a bag at all. I did bring my stroller inside but nothing in it to worry about.

We were giving a clear plastic bag with our tokens to use for crayon creation and more. Also inside was our coupons for scribble redemption, a pack of crayons and chalk. This allowed us to use our own crayons at draw stations which was a plus.

Tables were socially distanced and cleaned as I seen more team members strolling the venue. While I noticed sanitizing stations I did wish there were just a few more in the busier areas where more touching is involved.

They are requiring timed entry for those purchasing day passes. However they have made some enhancements to their annual pass program and there is no timed entry needed for passholders. Social distancing markers are located throughout the facility and in areas where lines are formed.

Activities: Let's Create:

Crayola Experience offers a range of interactive activities for kids of all ages. That makes the location a very hands on experience. The kids play areas were closed for obvious reasons but the other attractions remained open. The area where you can color your scribble we enjoyed because we were handed sanitized coloring baskets to use. You return them to an area where they will clean them.

Many activities are different since most were more hands on. Team members now handed you your crayon color choice for the making your special crayon mold and other activities. This helped prevent several hands being involved. The melting activities and those requiring machines they cleaned in between each person.

You can also catch a few games such as skee-ball and whack a mole to play. These games are an additional fee but provide tickets which you can redeem for prizes. I will say with so many other activities these can be forgotten.

For Halloween they have several themed areas for photos. There is no candy or anything like that but the photo opportunities. We opted to do the paint a pumpkin activity. For $5.99 you pick a pumpkin and are provided paint to decorate your pumpkin. Ari loves halloween and I am sure this was her favorite activity of the day. Hauntoween will run until October 31st. So now is the time to check it out.

Get Colorful! Why you should visit:

Overall, my comfort level was a 7 out of 10. While the facility was great, plenty of space I did notice a few people who just did not abide to well. A few more staff to enforce the rules would have helped and as said before just a tad more sanitizing stations.

Crayola Experience is the perfect immersive experience for children. With a three year old with the perfect imagination she enjoys the attraction.There is a food court, snacks and more all inside. Pricing is reasonable and honestly I felt like a big kid inside. Crayola is apart of everyones childhood so to see so much color and fun activities I get excited. The annual pass is a great option for locals. When looking at the pricing it just makes sense. For additional details about the Crayola Experience visit their site. It makes for a spooky colorful time during October.

There is a huge gift shop as you exit. I love this as there is so much to see and do. If you just want to visit the store you can as it is accessible from inside the mall. They will be having their Christmas celebration again this season so we will for sure take a visit.

Until our next expedition....


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