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Did someone say BUGS? Bugtopia at ZooTampa!

ZooTampa never fails when it comes to providing family-friendly activities

for families. Bugtopia is currently happening for a limited-time and guaranteed to make you want to jump, crawl, or fly to the zoo.

ZooTampa is about a hour drive from Orlando but so worth it for a day of fun. A day at the zoo is always a great family adventure and ZooTampa does a phenomenal job creating naturalistic habits to the animals here.

Bugtopia is a special limited-time event that puts you up close and personal with some fun insects. We got to visit and here are three reasons why you want to check out this special event.

  1. The Animatronics!

There are 13 larger than life bug animatronics here. They range from a black ant down to a stag beetle. The animatronics are the perfect size and not scary at all for kids. They are accompanied with fun facts to get everyone excited to learn more about these fascinating species.

2. The Story!

ZooTampa has come up with a unique storyline to make this immersive for Guest. You start by being shrunk down to bug size. This was the kids favorite part walking through the shrinking machine. Once inside you are met with fun insects and other props making it feel so realistic. You can also find research assistants along the trail who are there to help you explore these creatures. My kids enjoy imaginative storylines so to feel a part of the bug world made this an even better experience.

3. The Educational Component!

Now I would be lying if I said I loved bugs… but I can say after Bugtopia I have a new found respect for these creatures. Along the path there are informational boards and keepers to help you navigate your way. There are plenty of hands on activities for kids that helps ease the nerves of getting up close to bugs.

You can even find fun craft activities such as create your own bug. Plus once you are back to human size you can stop into the Ladybug Landing to grab your own plant seeds, bug gear and more. It truly makes a great way to finish your time in Bugtopia.

Here is the best part… Bugtopia is just one section you can currently find at ZooTampa. It is easy to spend time here and enjoy the rest of your day here. ZooTampa is open 7 days a week from 9:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m. Tickets start at $35.95 for ages 3-11 and ages 12 and up tickeTs are $45.95. Bugtopia is no additional cost and makes for even more fun when visiting ZooTampa. Make sure you check out this larger than life exhibit before it crawls on out.

Until our next expedition……

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