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Kennedy Space Center: Chat with an Astronaut

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is truly a hidden gem of the Central Florida area. The complex is located in Merritt Island, FL and the history there is astonishing. As a history major I was truly obsessed with the space race and history behind NASA. More so the creation of the program and the Mercury Seven. Even today space launches are taking place at KSC but something even more exciting is taking place here daily!

Each day at the KSC there is an Astronaut of the Day. A great experience that visitors can participate in is Chat with an Astronaut! This is a small setting separate ticket event which allows you some one on one time to chat with a real life astronaut. This is held twice a day daily once at 10AM and again at 2pm!

On our visit were ecstatic as our astronaut of the day was a WOMAN Mrs. Heidi Piper. She has been to space twice to the ISS and was a joy to hear about her experiences. With the 10AM session there is continental breakfast served. There was an assortment of pastries along with fresh fruit, parfait and soft drinks. Adults include an alcoholic beverage so a mimosa was my choice. The session lasted about 45 minutes and we even got to take photos with Heidi at the end.

Things to know about the experience:

· This event is an additional price aside from general admission. The cost is $50 for adults and $35 for children. It is offered twice daily.

· This is a Q&A session, which means come ready to ask questions. I enjoyed that it was a real conversation not at all scripted.

· You get to take home a commemorative gift and signed portrait of the astronaut. Ari loves her signed photo of Heidi and now has it in her room.

My KSC Tips:

1. Try to arrive 15-20 minutes before the time of the event. This allows you to grab your food early and get settled.

2. If you have kids, I recommend the 10AM session as it allows you to finish and enjoy KSC for the rest of the day. The afternoon session is at 2pm so I would still suggest arriving early as they close at 5pm daily.

3. If possible go during the weekday! The crowds are lighter during the week so this allows for full access to almost everything without long lines.

If you are looking for something to do the Kennedy Space Center is it! Chat with an Astronaut is an extraordinary experience that we will be talking about for quite some time. You can learn more about it here

Until our next expedition....

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