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Legoland Florida: Brick Or Treat

Florida offers so many things to do. We house so many places to visit and Legoland Florida was just another expedition for us to tackle. I have been to this park twice prior to having Ari. Once on a field trip when I taught middle school and once with my cousins and grandmother.

Legoland Florida is located in Winter Haven, FL which is about an hour from Orlando. The park is perfect for children and families especially if you are a Lego lover. While we are not Ari enjoys a good time. Legoland presented the perfect opportunity for us to try it out since they were having their Brick or Treat Event.

The park opened at 10am and closed at 6pm. We were there from open to close. We wanted to experience as much as possible of the event and park. We had so much fun but today we are focusing on Brick Or Treat. Any excuse for my kid to dress up is a plus in her book....

So let's dive in..

Safety & Procedures

Legoland did have some procedures in place in for social distancing. Upon arrival you do go through a temperature screening. While most places scan your forehead here they scan your neck. You do have to go through security/bag check. Security had gloves on and sanitized their gloves between each check.

We noticed distance markers throughout the park. They had automatic sanitizers at attractions at the entrance and exit. I am a huge fan of the automatic dispensers as they seem to be a safer option,

Mask are a bit different here than other theme parks. Children under 8 are not required to wear masks. Most places we have been to was 2 years and up so this was a difference. Another difference was 8 years and up are required to wear masks when indoors and on attractions. This means in outdoor walking spaces and open areas you were not required to wear a mask. Even with this being the case I noticed most people still wearing masks while walking throughout the park. We practiced this as well.

If you do not have a mask they do offer them for you. I will say even with the policy they have I thought I would see more people without mask and this was not the case.

Park cleanliness was A+! Seriously a huge highlight was how clean this park was. I did not see one ounce of trash, bathrooms spotless, and tables were always clean. Ride cleaning I do not know the schedule but did see a few being cleaning while waiting.

Brick Or Treat

Brick or Treat is a seasonal halloween event held on weekends at the park. It includes socially distanced meet and greets, trick or treating, shows, and even a scavenger hunt. I think our favorite part of the day was The Groovin Graveyard Show. It left us in awe from beginning to end and wanting more. The stage performers along with the music was perfect and kept my three year olds attention. She continues to say how awesome the show is and I think this is one of the many reasons we will be back for another round before Brick or Treat ends. There is another show and smaller impromptu character shows spread throughout the park but we did not get to see those.

The trick or treating had stations throughout the park. These stations did tend to have lines but moved pretty quickly. I believe the longest we waited was 10 minutes. There are distance markers located at each one. Similar to what we saw at Seaworld Orlando they have candy chutes where you walk up and place your bag underneath. I find these to be efficient and a safe way for kids to have some halloween fun. They do not dispense tons of candy so I would suggest doing the stations twice if you have time. The candy included M&M's, Dots, Twizzlers, Smarties, Sour Punch Straw, Snickers and etc. These stations are only open from 1pm-5pm so keep this in mind too.

The meet and greets are a fun way to see your lego friends dressed for the festivities. My kid is obsessed with scarecrows and I am pretty sure this was the highlight of her day. They had a mummy, vampire, scarecrow, and a few others out. There is distance markers along with a spot for you to stand distanced from the character. Since masks are not required outdoors most of our outdoor pictures are mask-less. I found these lines to be extremely efficient and fast moving. The characters we mostly accompanied with a model citizen (this is what Legoland calls their employees) This made the interaction more personable and fun.

We did not get to participate in the scavenger hunt since we were also enjoying the park as well but hope to on another day.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Brick or Treat is a fun and exciting event. If your child loves halloween, legos or just a good time I highly recommend giving it a try. The event is only on the weekends so do plan accordingly. I did find the park to be busier but that is expected here in Florida on weekends now that people are venturing out more. We are now Legoland Passholders and will be back soon. I hope to bring you more posts about the rides, food, and normal shows. They also offer a Christmas time event that I know we will enjoy.

Until our next adventure Expeditioners....


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