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Legoland Florida: Lego City Space

It’s no secret that we enjoy Legoland Florida. Legoland Florida invited us out to be some of the first people inside the newest experience in the Imagination Zone. This experience was created and inspired by the US Space missions we are all patiently waiting to see blast off!

Lego City Space allows families to create their own lunar experiences! When you first walk in you will see an amazing Lego made astronaut. There was even a Lego telescope which has to be the coolest thing ever! Let's jump into Lego City Space. Inside the best part is you can create your own rockets and rovers then test them out. You start the experience with a brief from some of our Lego friends before venturing into the base to start preparing your rockets or rovers.

The stations are set up with plenty of space and honestly we all enjoy some time inside with the AC in this Florida heat. Once assembled, there are two tracks to test your rovers and a couple launch bays to test out rockets. This part is so exciting as some of your favorite Lego friends join you to test your creations.

I loved this area because the floor of the actually looked like the moon. It is a truly immersive experience in itself. You can easily spend hours in here creating fun lego rockets and more.

My three tips for visiting this area:

  1. Go during the hotter times. The pavilion is inside which makes it great to cool down and unwind but still have fun.

  2. Take the time to make both a rocket and rover. Each one has a different launch and testing experience.

  3. Do not skip the pre-show briefing. It was super cute and fun for little lego lovers.

If you have a little space explorer or space lover this is a great area to explore. Legoland FL is a short drive from the Orlando area. Legoland offers one day tickets along with multi day tickets as well. Peppa Pig Theme Park is located on the same property. You can even make it a fun weekend getaway as Legoland offers three hotel experiences you can book. If you are visiting the area or even a local be sure you check out Legoland!

Until our next expedition....

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