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Make it Minnie: Channeling your Minnie Style

We all know Minnie Mouse. She’s a fashion icon to many and to some just a mouse. As you know I am a Disney loving mama so Minnie is MY GIRL! When I stumbled across the hashtags #minniestyle and #minniemonday I INSTANTLY fell in love with all the creative looks and stylish ways to represent for Minnie Mouse herself. The rest is history....

What is Minnie Style? If you ask me it’s dressing in your best dots and rocking them to the fullest. Representing for Minnie Mouse herself! While we have seen Minnie Mouse in several outfits throughout the years her most famous looks always tend to include her dots.

So, how can you channel your Minnie Style? Here are a few tips:


Patterns, shapes, sizes can make people SCARED! Many people are afraid of polka dots OR think they cannot style them. Dots come in so many sizes and colors. Do not let that hold you back. This skirt is from Amazon and believe it or not this was my first Dapper Day! It was at home thanks to Miss. Rona but I chose to channel my inner Dapper Minnie to create this look. Search for dots and keep it simple. I did not mix the patterns just kept it cute with Minnie Mouse colors.


Minnie Style can be a classic red, black, white combo. Get creative if you are afraid of the dots. In this Minnie Style look I used a simple t-shirt from a small shop tee, paired with red shorts from Old Navy. It’s all in the color people. If I take the ears off this is a perfect look just for a simple outing or keep the ears for a perfect park day look.


Do not be afraid to accessorize! A pop of a yellow necklace, polka dot earrings, belts, Minnie ears, etc. These are just a few ways to accessorize your outfit to make it a Minnie style look. You could be in a simple white t-shirt and jeans and still make it MINNIE STYLE! Here I made my Minnie Style by pairing a Minnie Tee with Red Shorts while accessorizing with red earrings, a polka dot headband and Minnie mouse loungefly bag.

I am a forever lover of Minnie Mouse and her style and tend to rock my Minnie Style twice a week. My looks as you see can arrange from casual chic perfect for dinner or brunch to fun comfy perfect for a park day or shopping at the mall. Overall, I am a lover or shall I say sucker when it comes to dots and representing for my girl Minnie.

So let’s recap!

- Add some dots to your closet!

- Accessorize, accessorize and accessorize!

- Don’t be afraid to keep it simple yet cute! T-SHIRTS ARE OK!

- Add bolder colors to your wardrobe reds, yellows, and the dreaded white that makes people cringe.

Hope to see you rocking your dots soon.

If you have any questions on any items mention or things I talked about feel free to email me or DM on instagram @watsongirls143


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