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Take Control of Your Home: Fox Pest Control Orlando

Summertime is just around the corner. When summer hits here in Florida we see lots of rain which in turns brings insects. Not to mention the heat associates with ants, bees, wasps, etc. Ari is extremely afraid of bugs like any type including flies. Yet again she's a 4 year old who wants to ride her scooter, play with chalk on the sidewalk and hang with the pup outside. Fox Pest Control to the rescue!

Our home backs to conservation and each summer we for sure notice the ants, wasps, and bees start to creep up in the hotter months.

When I got the call to schedule our first appointment the young lady mentioned something to me "When you sign up with Fox Pest Control, you are hiring a company that cares about you, your home, and your family."

This here is a practice of Fox and a key focus that I seen immediately. Our Pest Pro Geovannie came out for our first visit and was amazing. I have never met him a day in my life but now he seems like family. He asked me all about what we have seen now and in the past. He jumped right to work starting with walking the home, brushing down the webs and any nest that he could find. Next, he begin to spray the perimeter and followed up with water activated granulates to create a defense barrier. Every question I had he could answer and the reassurance he provided let me know I was in good hands. Finally, he recapped everything that was done, what it would do and what to do if I noticed anything else. Geovannie is the best Pest Pro around.

Key points I loved is it was safe for Bentley our pup and I did not need to worry later about where he sprayed. So if you have an animal discuss with your Pest Pro.

Best part is since our first service we have seen no tiny ants and less ant hills emerge around our yard and area. No bees or wasps around the home or flying out front where Ari plays.

It is shaping up to be a great summer at home enjoying without all the little screams. Be sure to check out Fox Pest Control for your Pest Control needs. You can visit Fox Pest Control or call 407-904-5990 to schedule a free inspection.

*Services provided by Fox Pest Control were complimentary. Everything post above is in my own words and the truthful experience of services provided. *

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