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Taste of Epcot: Round 1

This week's adventure takes us to EPCOT! It is no secret that Epcot is my #2 park. Hey, it make take first place after Guardians of the Galaxy, Mary Poppins, and other new attractions come to life in the coming years. Epcot was the last park we visited before the Covid-19 shutdown and the first we came back to once it was safe to open!

While the Food and Wine Festival looks a bit different this year I was still able to enjoy the Taste of Epcot. Taste of Epcot is the name of this year's festival. This festival mixes some of the fan favorites from Food and Wine and Flower and Garden into one.

Let's talk about some of the offerings I was able to try this past visit.

Mexico: Pork Tostado & Passion Rose Sangria

Rate: 5/5

This is my absolute favorite. It is a nice portion for the price. Each time I have had this it has been nice and full with meat. The flavors are delicious. It was my first time trying the sangria and boy it can get you in trouble. It goes down smooth.

I will definitely be back for both of these and highly recommend them.

World Showplace: The M& M Cake Pop

Rate: 4/5

In this pavilion is where you can find an assortment of booths. My main goal was the cake pop. I decided to try the M&M version of the cake pop that everyone has raved about. I enjoyed the M&M's but wish it was coated all the way around. I also found the cake pop to be super rich. This is definitely something I would not get every time but it was good and decent sized for the price.

Italy: La Classica


While I had heard great things about this pasta I was disappointed with what I tasted. I found it to be dry and in need of more sauce. My pasta seemed a bit hard and could have been cooked just a tad bit longer. The saving grace was the bacon. While the filling of the pasta was ok this offering lacked flavor for me.

I will give this another try in the future.

China: Chicken Dumplings

Rate: 4.5/5

This is another favorite even for TaVon. China is always a booth we must stop at. We love the chicken dumplings. This trip they were piping hot and fresh. There was just enough sauce and slaw that you had some in each bite. I honestly just wish the sauce or dumpling was a bit more seasoned. While a nice treat it just lacks flavor for me.

I hope one day they will add a third dumpling LOL. Two is just not enough.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where we will try more treats from the Taste of Epcot.

See you for our next expedition.


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