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TheraBox Review: Why you need self-care!

Taking care of yourself is huge. Over the last year it has been even more important with just how the world is evolving. As moms, working women, and other titles we as women sometime forget about ourselves. I love that TheraBox has a way for us to take care of ourselves and I want to share that with you.

The boxes are $34.99 a month and inside you will find goodies valued at $120+. Talk about a good deal and bang for your buck. Let’s take a look inside of the items I received in my box.

This product will give your eyes a much need break and refresher. If you are a new mom like me going through some rough nights with a newborn or just need some relief period this is a great product.

This lip scrub will have your lips looking like perfection! Especially during the cooler. Weather a good scrub is nice to have. Not to mention it smells amazing!

You can never go wrong with a great shower gel. It will leave your body feeling soft and smelling amazing. The ingredients will leave you happy you used it and relaxed.

This facial cleanser will give you a refreshing start to a night of rest. It is a great gentle cleanser that is perfect for removing makeup, dirt, and impurities.

You can never go wrong with a great hairbrush. This one is eco-friendly and the bristles are flexible and do not snag your hair.

This lotion for one smells absolutely amazing. It features honey, clove, and organic cardamom. It has the perfect fall hint and leaves your body smooth.

This fall drink makes for a great stress reliever. Snuggle up with a book and a nice cup of this it will leave you wanting more.

You can never go wrong with a good read. A book is a great way to relax while bathing or iN the car while traveling. I typically curl up with a book before bed.

TheraBox is the perfect treat for yourself or even make ideal gifts for friends or family!

Click Here to check out TheraBox and find your happiness and relaxation.

Until our next expedition….


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