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Toddlers & Mask-Wearing: Three Tips To Help You!

When Covid-19 came and we started to hear about masks I cringed inside. My daughter is a full blown three-nager with demands. The thought of her wearing one and getting her to wear one worried me for so many reasons. Though I had worries I knew it was necessary to keep her safe.

After many outings and practicing we like to call Ari a pro at mask wearing now. I often get messages asking for tips and tricks so I figured why not share it here for everyone. She may be three but she has the mind of 6 year old. She is extremely smart for her age and opinionated.

Mask wearing is not easy for anyone but it’s the climate of where we are right now. Below is just a few tips that worked for us with our little one.

1. Find Masks they will love

This was the number one game changer in our book. The plain and simple masks did not cut it. Ari was immediately wanting to take it off, screaming, and more. Once we started buying masks that catered to what she liked it enticed her to keep it on. She has princesses, mickey, Minnie, and more!

We have to remember these are kids so they want fun and vibrant not plain. It’s nice to have a variety and we let her pick out her own each day.

Our two favorite places to get masks are Shop Disney and Natalie Reales Designs

Both places have a variety of designs for kids and adults.

2. Use a reward system and positive praise

Kids loves rewards I learned this in my teaching days. This whole situation is just as new to them as it is for us. Kids love rewards and even more so they love constant praise. We started clapping and cheering anytime Ari put her mask on by herself which she loves. Whenever she corrects herself we give her some praise as well. Whenever it may be a long day we encourage her with stickers, ice cream, small lollipops, etc. By no means am I saying these are the only rewards but these are some options we have used.

3. Practice what you preach

As leaders and parents we must lead by example. We cannot possibly be telling our kids one thing and not practicing it ourselves. By modeling the behavior we expect from them we will see in return. My daughter is in a mimic phase and loves to help and do what mommy and daddy does. By correctly wearing our masks and stressing the importance of them she is learning. For instance, Ari’s masks used to constantly fall under her nose and we would remind her to look at us and she would fix it. She is now at the point where we do not need to tell or remind her she knows.

I hope these tips can help you as we navigate mask-wearing together. With schools starting soon and things beginning to open navigating a new normal is going to be challenging. Just remember we are all in this together.

Feel free to share this blog or reach out to me if you have any additional questions.

Until our next expedition.....


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