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A Guide to Turi's Kid Cove at Aquatica Orlando: Tips and Must-Do Activities

Updated: Feb 1

School is out for the summer and parents are looking for ways to have a great time with their kiddos. Aquatica Orlando recently opened their all-new kids play area and we were invited for opening day!

Turi's Kid Cove comes as Aquatica is celebrates their 15th anniversary. This all-new water adventure area invites kids and families to splish, splash, spray and PLAY! There is something for kids of all ages in this area and as a mom of a six and one year old it's the perfect space for both to enjoy. I would say the area is great for littles up to about 9 years old but each child is different in their level of fun.

Turi's Kids Cove features:

  • Tamariki Twirl: A kid-sized wave slide

  • Zippity Zappity: A tube slide where kids can also ride with their parents.

  • Slider Rider, Racer Chaser, and Slippity Dippity: These are single rider slides

A huge bonus to this area is the height requirements. There really is no limit meaning everyone can enjoy. Parents can ride with their kids on the tube required slides which help to create core memories. I found this to be the most exciting aspect because in other places kids are typically sent alone. Turi's Kid Cove hones in on the family play aspect.

There are fun interactive water play areas and smaller kid slides throughout the area as well for your smaller tots. You can find Turi's Kid Cove nestled towards the back of the park near Mango Market and Big Surf Shores. It's a great location to grab a seat, watch the kids play, grab a bite to eat and have a splashing good time.

If your child has a SeaWorld Preschool Pass, Aquatica is included. Aquatica also offers their own annual pass plus their are some great ticket deals happening right now for the summer. Be sure if you are looking for a splashing fun summer expedition you check out Aquatica!

Until our next expedition....

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