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Welcome to Our Voyage!

Hello all!

Welcome to Expedition Watson. On this journey you will hear me talk about my life as a wife, mom, daughter and so much more.

You will hear about my love for Disney, Travel and Fun. You will see me tackle goals, fears, and learn to grow. There is so much to see, share, and discover with you and I cannot wait.

Let's start with the basics of who am I?

My name is Brianna Watson I am 28 years old and reside in the Orlando, Florida area. I am originally from Landover, Maryland and moved to Florida permanently in 2013 to pursue a dream to work for the mouse. I am married to my amazing husband TaVon who happens to be my high school sweetheart and we have a gorgeous daughter Ari and a dog son named Bentley.

I hope you all are excited for the fun and adventures that are in store. Life is an expedition just waiting to be tackled and I am so excited to take you all with us for the ride.


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