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Experience the Magic: Why Disney Cruise Line is the Perfect Family Vacation

Ready to set sail? Or maybe not! Have you been contemplating if a Disney Cruise is right for your family? Do not fret, I am here to help you make the leap on the best vacation experience you wont forget!

In the Fall, we decided to do a Sailing into Two vacation for our daughter. My oldest had been begging to go on the Disney Wish and our youngest was turning two. It was the perfect point for us to sail and even looking back now we would not change a thing. I took advantage of the half price deposit incentive that Disney Cruise Line had been offering earlier in the year and had our trip paid off by June.

While this was not my husband and myself first trip on DCL it was our first in almost 8 years and the first time with kids. I did my research and looked at what we really would want to do and how to enjoy it.

The rooms on DCL are legit the best. We cruised as a family of four in a deluxe stateroom with verandah. It had one queen bed and in addition there was pull down bunk from the ceiling. This allowed space for both kids to have their own bed. I am one where I love a verandah because I like to go out and get fresh air. Not once did we feel cramped or not enough. There is a separate toilet and sink area from the shower/tub combo with sink. This makes great for families to get ready. The space in these rooms was just one of many reasons why we enjoyed our three nights on board!

While this will talk about our cruise in a whole aboard the Disney Wish it has great tips regardless the ship you sail. So let's dive into three takeaways from sailing on the Disney Cruise Line!


From the characters to broadway style shows the entertainment on board is top tier! Our cruise was a Halloween on the High Seas cruise so the characters were not only in their cruise attire but halloween costumes. We had a set halloween night that featured a special show with Minnie along with trick or treating. They still held the coveted Pirate Night where Guest tend to dress up as well but you can meet the characters in their pirate attired. Plus the show on the top deck is amazing that night and features fireworks at sea.

The shows on board are so good and recording is not allowed which helps preserve the magic. I will say never skip the show it is something you just have to see for yourself. There are smaller shows, live music, and even movies showing in the theater while aboard making for a full entertainment line up.

My Tips for Entertainment:

  1. Use the DCL Navigator app to help you plan your day. It will allow you to see when characters are available, showtimes and more. It truly helped us navigate andnot miss our must-do's.

  2. Prioritize your must! The characters have set times you may not get to see them all. Get there 20 minutes before their time to avoid missing the line cut off.

  3. If you have little girls or boys wanting to meet the princesses book the Royal Gathering! It is a special time to meet pre-selected princesses while on board. Spots go fast and you can book 30 days prior to sailing.


Disney follows a rotational dining with various restaurants. Aboard the Wish there are three places Guest can dine for dinner. 1923, Arendelle and World of Marvel. Guest when booking get to choose between first seating (6pm) and second seating (8:15). We chose second seating and honestly you should too! It allowed us to see the first show of each evening, it was better for the kids and a lot calmer dining. as well. Of the three locations, I would say 1923 was our favorite in terms of food. We dined on the Walt Disney side and the ambiance and food were great. Now don't get me wrong we loved Arendelle and the entertainment there plus Worlds of Marvel holds a dear place in this Marvel Mamas heart!

The service on DCL is unmatched and our team was absolutely outstanding. They provided us with great recommendations, service and overall became apart of our family. Guest can also dine in other areas on the ship like Marceline Market which is buffet style and this is where we went for breakfast and lunch. There was the Mickey & Friends Festival of Foods as well where you can grab ice cream, fresh fruits, fresh pizza, burritos, tacos, BBQ style food and more. This is great when wanting to diversify what you have been eating. This deck also has soda and drink station so bring those refillable water bottles on board with you to be able to take drinks back to your room.

My Tips for Dining:

  1. In your stateroom there are fun cards where you can pre-order continental breakfast the night before. This is great for days at sea, or Castaway Day to maximize your time aboard the ship and off.

  2. Book the later dining time.

  3. Order multiple items to taste it all. Remember this is a cruise you want to enjoy what is there.

Castaway Cay

One of my favorite things about cruising with Disney is Castaway Cay! This is Disney's private island and it's stunning. Guest can meet the characters in their beach attire at certain points throughout the day, grab BBQ, tropical drinks and more. There is a family beach area, a teen and kids club area, plus the adults only side is an adult oasis. Kids are not allowed on Serenity Bay which if traveling no kids this is where you want to be. I enjoyed the food on the Island and the staff is amazing. You can book excursions right from on board in the past we booked Jet-Ski's and loved it.

My tips for Castaway Cay:

  1. Get off early: This will allow you to explore the island, soak up the beach and head back to the ship. This method is great if looking to enjoy the ship amenities with less people. We used this method to enjoy the AquaDuck, pool areas and dining spaces.

  2. Utilize the kids club on island to enjoy Serenity Bay: While each child is different and it may be a family cruise use this to get some alone time. Enjoy the island and enjoy bike riding and more.

  3. Walk to the island: This one is not mentioned enough. By walking to the island you can see great views of the ship. Take some wonderful photos of the island itself and truly absorb the island oasis that Castaway Cay is.

Disney Cruise Line will have a new private island coming soon called Lighthouse Point. I am excited to see what it looks like and how it defers from Castaway Cay.

If a Disney Cruise has been on your radar do yourself a favor and BOOK IT! We made some of the best memories together on our 3 night cruise. The only thing we wish we did differently was book a longer cruise. Currently Disney Cruise Line is running a half price deposit special on select sailings and if a FL resident they are some discounted cruises too. We can't wait to set sail again in 2024 and you are just going to have to stay tuned to see where we head.

Until our next expedition.....

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