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Florida Prepaid: Why I took the LEAP!

Let’s Rewind time back to 2017. I was pregnant with Ari and attending the Prego Expo with a friend. At the event I remember seeing a Florida Prepaid table and wondering what is that? Now if you are like me - maybe curious but thinking, No way am I a buying anything else right now! Babies are expensive! I do remember grabbing a leaflet and moving on.

A year later I attended another expo and saw the table again but once again did not sign up – even though I kept thinking it sounded like an incredible program. I remember visiting LEGOLAND Florida and seeing a schoolhouse sponsored by Florida Prepaid and thinking, Wow I still haven’t done this!. I remember a friend telling me how she invested in a plan for her daughter and thinking, OK maybe I can I do this.

The moral here: I had a lot of hesitation and just no sense of urgency on my end. I was nervous about what it meant for our finances. I was confused about whether it was something I was signing onto forever, and I was struggling with a lot of What ifs!

Now fast forward to my pregnancy with Mia. Ari was by then 4 years old and we were attending yet another Prego Expo and again seeing the Florida Prepaid table. This time I made it my mission to stop and talk with someone who could give me the details I needed on the program. The woman was kind enough to explain all the benefits of the program and ease many fears and unknowns.

Let’s chat about some of the important details given to me:

1. There are two options with Florida Prepaid!

· A Florida 529 Savings Plan is flexible and allows you to save starting as low as $25 a month. It is tax-free way to save and can be used not only on post-secondary schooling but K-12 costs as well!

· A Prepaid Plan also is flexible in not only pricing but offers a variety of plans and payment options to fit your needs. Plans start as low as $45 a month and are completely flexible and risk-free, meaning you can never lose a dollar you put in.

2. What if my child end’s up getting a scholarship?

· This is one of the best features I love. You have options. You can get your money back, use it toward books or housing, or even use it toward graduate school.

3. What happens if College ends up costing more than what I paid?

· Florida Prepaid HAS MY BACK! Guys the amazing feature of the Prepaid Plan is that they have it covered. If tuition costs more than anticipated, they will cover the difference. If it costs less, you get a refund.

These were some of my top questions going in and I remember the woman being so reassuring when answering each and everyone. Want to hear something funny? I still did not sign up until six months later! Ari is starting Kindergarten this coming year; she is bright and has a bright future ahead of her. I decided to go with the 1-Year Florida University Plan to start, as that is what works for our family budget right now. Can I change later? Yes, I can! Will I? Maybe!

Florida Prepaid I have discovered truly offers something for everyone, and by starting your child’s savings journey now you can help them in the future. Open Enrollment is happening now until April 30, 2022! And for the first time EVER, they are offering up to $500 in additional college savings when you start a Prepaid Plan. So now is the time to stop procrastinating and get ahead today!

You can check out all the amazing details about Florida Prepaid here. Trust me you do not want to miss out on the Cash4College $500 incentive that is happening this year for Open Enrollment.

Until our next expedition……


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