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Motherhood Spotlight: Jujube

As you may or may not know... I am obsessed with bags. I have quite a bit and Jujube is a brand that does not help this obsession. I am currently on Jujube's Creative Crew which has just furthered my love for the brand and products. Today I want to share my top three Jujube Bag styles.

  1. Zealous Backpack

I am a true backpack girl and love them head to toe. The Zealous is my number one go to bag anytime a new print or style drops. It has enough room for my stuff and the girls plus it is comfy. I love the straps and the style of the bag makes it so even after we have older kids I can still use it.

2. Dr. BFF

The Dr. BFF has quickly climbed my list of items I absolutely need. This bag has turned into my everyday bag so many times. It has so much space that if I want a content day or overnight bag it is the one I need. I can fit changes of clothes for me, the girls and shoes and still have space. This bag is super great for moms with multiples or even working mamas.

3. Mini Helix

The Mini Helix Bag is the perfect grab and go crossbody feel. I love this bag because it’s small enough to toss across the shoulder but big enough to store the essentials. I can easily fit my cell phone, wallet, hand sanitizer, lip balm, keys, gum, and a few other items and it not be too heavy. It is the perfect style for heading to the grocery store, date night, or park day.

Jujube creates the best bags with such a wide range of styles. I truly believe they have a style fit for everyone. I love that they partner with others for fun collaborations but also creates cute and fun colors as well. Whether you are a mom looking for a fun diaper bag or a woman period looking for a stylish and fun bag to carry Jujube is your place to be. Visit Jujube to check out all their amazing products.

Until our next expedition….

-XOXO, Bri

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