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Character Dining during Covid -Topolino’s Terrace

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

I have been dying to try out Topolino’s Terrace since Disney’s Riviera Resort opened. I have had the opportunity to visit the quick service Primo Piatto and enjoyed it. So for our anniversary weekend Topolino’s was my pick since our normal Cape May Café was not an option. Thanks to Covid the experience is definitely different but I wanted to share some points I found.

Social Distancing Procedures

I enjoyed this aspect of the experience. Safety is critical during these times so I appreciated the steps and protocols put in place. Close to our 9:15AM reservation we received a push notification through our My Disney Experience app saying to check in for our reservation. Once complete we were told to wait for our table ready notification. We only waited maybe 3 minutes before we got the notification to go upstairs.

Next, we arrived at the entrance we had our temperatures checked and we were escorted to our table. We were placed in a smaller room versus the main area. There was our table and another and had plenty of space between. In the main area tables were spread out or had signs on them to let people know that table was unavailable.

Once seated we were able to take our masks off but we waited until actual food was on our table. They gave us a paper allergy friendly menu for TaVon since he has a shellfish allergy while we had to view the menu using my phone. Our server wore a mask and face shield which we thought was a bonus. We even got to watch how they cleaned each table after a party and was impressed.

Overall, this aspect was pretty good in our book.

What about the food?

Let’s get to the good stuff…

Each table receives and assortment of pastries for the table with butter and compote. THESE WERE AMAZING! The presentation was cute too.

Adults get to pick one entrée ($42 per person) and kids have a create your own option ($27 per kid). TaVon ordered the Smoke Salmon and I am basic and got the Two Eggs-Any Style with bacon. I am a sucker for Disney bacon that did not disappoint. The potatoes were well seasoned but the eggs I was not a fan of. I like my eggs scrambled hard but these almost tasted like the generic eggs served in cafeteria. TaVon ate all his Smoke Salmon with no complaints so I will take that as he loved it.

Ari chose the Mickey Waffle Dippers with bacon and fresh fruit. The presentation was cute on the paint palette with chocolate, caramel and berry dipping sauce. She really enjoyed the look and the food. I did find the dipping sauces to be messy for her as she is a toddler but it was still cute.

Our server was amazing. Her name was Michelle and she made sure to continuously check on us and make sure we were comfortable. I enjoy great service so I give her a A++++

Character Experience: Yay or Nay?

I loved the outfits. Donald, Mickey, Minnie and Daisy visit during this experience. Their riviera inspired painters outfits are absolutely the cutest. Now with Covid and social distancing this is where it gets a bit different. The characters are roaming but maintain their 6ft distance or more. I think Daisy was my favorite as she is a ballerina and was even putting on a show for the room. There is a point too during dining where the characters come out and dance to a song played exclusively to celebrate.

Pictures should be taken from your seat so it makes for lots of selfies which could be hard. I did feel at a few points some characters were rushing and only stopped for a brief moment. We took our time eating and got to see the characters a few times which was nice. So parents with toddlers be prepared. We had gave Ari a heads up before we arrived on what she was going to experience so she wasn’t too disappointed.

Final Thoughts:

I loved the restaurants atmosphere and décor. The tenth floor is absolutely beautiful. While the characters are there for breakfast it’s just not the same as before. Nice but not the same. Am I expecting things to be 100% like before? NO WAY. However, the price we paid I would wait a bit before doing another character dining experience.

The food was good but I would like to try this location for dinner next time. Overall, I give it an 8 out of 10! If you have visited Topolino’s before share your thoughts in the comments!


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