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Disney Must Try: CityWorks Disney Springs

Disney Springs offers so many great places to dine and shop. I can't say it's still weird calling it Disney Springs but it has definitely grown on me.

We had the opportunity to visit CityWorks Eatery and Pourhouse which is a new addition to Springs and it definitely does not disappoint. With a wide range off menu offerings they have something for everyone. During our visit we got to enjoy their weekend brunch so let's dive in!

The Jon Bun Jovi is a great shareable option. Talk about the mother of cinnamon rolls this is it. It was hot, fresh, and perfect way to start off our meal. It basically melted in your mouth and left us wanting another one.

TaVon got to try the breakfast tacos along with the french toast. He loved them both. The tacos were filling with plenty of eggs inside. The salsa it was topped with made the whole meal tie together. The tacos are served with the potatoes as well.

Now let's get into the french toast called Sweet Child of Mine. These are made with Baileys Cream Cheese and vanilla ice cream battered. They are sweet and amazing. A great take on french toast leaving you wanting to enjoy each bite.

I kept it simple with a brunch classic Steak and Eggs. One word... GREATNESS. The steak was perfectly cooked and moist. It came with their potato casserole which was just enough to fill me up.

Overall our visit was amazing, a fun atmosphere is found here if you are looking for dinner spot. Our server Lindsay took amazing care of us and was a total gem! If you are looking for a great brunch option look no further than CityWorks!

Until our next expedition.....


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