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Chicken Guy: Take a trip to Flavortown

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Disney Springs is a place where you can eat, shop, and enjoy. Chicken Guy is one of many locations where you can enjoy. Nestled right across from the Coca-Cola store and next door to Planet Hollywood it is easily accessible from the Orange garage.

The location is co-owned by Guy Fieri himself and prides itself on its chicken. I have to say I was always a big fan of Triple D so when this place opened I was excited. They carry everything from fried pickles to milkshakes. We were invited to dine here for lunch and man was it a great time.

So let's dive in!

The Food: What you need to try!

We were able to try so many items from the menu. The menu has something for just about everyone.

The Fried Pickles were tasty. My mom really enjoyed them they taste great with ranch. The french fries were nice and fresh and seasoned to perfection. They really do not need ketchup.

My mom enjoyed the BBQ Chopped Chicken Salad. It's a decent size and came with Ranch and the bourbon brown sugar bbq sauce.

Ari kid approved the grilled tenders. She normally enjoys fried chicken nuggets but it was something about the chicken on the stick that she could not stop. '

I tried the Big Bite B.L.A.T and WOW the bacon combined with the chicken and avocado crema *chefs kiss*. I will definitely be trying this again on another visit.

The loaded Mac Daddy Mac & Cheese is considered a shareable side but man it was filling. The loaded fries are basically the same but instead of macaroni it is the french fries. I can totally see myself having these and shake and being content with my visit.

The Sauces: What's your flavor?

Chicken Guy houses a whopping 22 different sauces you can try. We got to try each and every one.

Our top favorites were buttermilk ranch, chipotle ranch, and the special sauce. Ari was adventurous and tried the wasabi honey while I definitely enjoyed the buffalo as well. On the menu it shares what each sauce is made of so you can make a informed decision.

The teriyaki sauce pairs well with the grilled chicken strips. The fried tenders tasted great with them all but to me it was good with the special sauce. The sauces are must haves and with such a variety you may need to visit multiple times to enjoy.

The Shakes: Gamechangers!

We got to try three shakes the strawberry, Oreo and triple double mint. They also have a chocolate and vanilla option to try if you are a more simple person. My favorite was the Oreo it was so fresh you could taste Oreo in every bite! Ari enjoyed the strawberry which I loved trying as well. All their shakes are hand-spun and man they are tasty. Be sure to save room at the end of your meal to enjoy a shake.

Next time you are at Disney Springs definitely give Chicken Guy a try. It's a great quick option with lots of food and a kick of flavor. Our food was hot, it's kid approved and guaranteed to leave you full.

Until our next expedition.....


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