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Dating during Covid- Dining at Ravello

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Covid-19 has definitely shaken up the United States. While wearing masks seems to be something we are going to be doing for a while we are learning how to move forward. On August 2nd, we celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary. We did our staycation but we plan to enjoy the month with little fun activities/dates.

A hidden Gem on Disney property is the Four Seasons Orlando Resort at The Walt Disney World Resort. We have had the pleasure of staying at this Resort twice and it is my favorite place on the planet next to Disney! The resort boasts so many features which make it a place many want to vacation to.

For us we were excited to dine at Ravello. We have dined here twice before once when I was about two months pregnant with Ari and then again for the Goofy & Pals Breakfast years ago when Ari could not even walk. The food was amazing, the experience was great so it was a no brainer where we wanted to go.

Let’s talk safety!

Upon arriving to the hotel we pulled up to valet the car. We did bring Ari for dinner as we are super family oriented. You are greeted with signs and sanitizers before entering the building. Once inside there is body scanning temperature system that is in place to walk up to.

The resorts masks policy is everyone should be wearing masks until they are in their room or seated at a table for dining. Everyone was very respectful and seemed to be following the rules.

There are distance markers in the elevator and even when checking in for dining. Once seated they provided us with clear plastic bags for us to place our masks in. I felt this was really a way to set themselves above the rest. This was the first location we have had this happen and I respected them even more for it.

There are no paper menus. There were small placers that had QR-Codes that lead to menus. The restaurant is operating on a reduced menu but still great options.

Let’s Talk: The Food!

The food at Ravello was amazing. I have nothing but great things to say.

For an appetizer I had the Cesare which was a Caesar salad but I got mine without anchovy. Ravello is a restaurant that is different than a chain. Though no anchovies were on the salad it did have an extremely fresh caesar dressing so it came with more of a fishy taste. My husband had Pomodoro E Burrata which contained fresh cut tomatoes, fresh burrata cheese, and a balsamic vinagrette.

For entrees of course Ari got her famous chicken strips with french fries and fruit. The children's menu was extremely well balanced and offered an option for every child.

For my husband he ordered the ravioli which he has had before. It is stuffed with veal, spinach and ricotta. It is cooked with wild mushrooms and finished with a great sauce. I took a bite and it was excellent. Melted in my mouth and very flavorful.

For myself the picky eater I am was torn between the spaghetti and the manzo. Our server recommended the manzo and a small portion of the spaghetti to try so that is what I did. The manzo is a 16 ounce dry aged ribeye rubbed in a seasoning blend created by the executive chef. The steak is paired with asparagus and potatoes. I am not a huge steak lover but I have found myself craving that manzo everyday since. The seasoning was impeccable and the meat cooked to perfection. There is a sauce that comes on the steak but I asked for it on the side.

The spaghetti was a simple dish. A normal spaghetti with fresh tomatoes and a homemade sauce. The pasta itself is made at the restaurant and amazing. While there is no meat in the spaghetti I would totally get this dish as an entree.

Dessert was the best as we had a double dessert. Tiramisu is one of my favorites and I have had the one from this location before. It has been hands down the best one I have ever had. We also shared the torta degli angeli con fragole which tasted like a strawberry shortcake. It was AMAZING! I now have a new favorite at this location and recommend it 1000%

Ari even indulged in some fun. She had a build your own sundae plate. She mostly ate the sprinkles and gummy bears but it was still a great dessert option.

Final Thought: The Service

The Executive Chef himself Mr. Fabrizio stopped at our table to ask about our food. Our server Nelda was amazing .She was attentive and shared her favorites with me as I really am a picky eater. The part that stood out the most was that she made time to connect with Ari. A huge plus was at the end of dining you are provided with a small bottle of HAND SANITIZER! TALK ABOUT AMAZING! In some dining establishments our servers can be hit or miss. Everyone in the Ravello restaurant was gem from the women who sat us to other servers who moved throughout the establishment.

If you are local or even visiting the Orlando area and looking for a dining experience that you will remember we hands down recommend Ravello located The Four Seasons Resort Orlando at The Walt Disney World Resort. You will need to make reservations but we had an amazing dining experience and the best part is we felt safe the entire time.

You can see all things Ravello at HERE

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